3 years of WhyTheFuckAreYouInAdvertising.com

Aditya Labhe
2 min readAug 12, 2016


If everything happens for a reason, why did advertising happen to you?

A question which every admen/adwomen ask themselves before going to bed. I thought I’ll try to unravel some answers by posing the question in front of the industry.

In the October of 2013, out of sheer curiosity and joblessness I decided to come up with a small project.

And whythefuckareyouinadvertising.com was born.

The industry folks from across the globe submitted their funny, serious, some random reasons as to why they chose to be in this crazy world of advertising. Here are some of them:

The website since then has reached users from across 100 countries, even got featured in some of the ad blogs:



Check out the other reasons and submit yours too: whythefuckareyouinadvertising.com



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