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Over the years, performance marketing and brand building have functioned as twovery different areas within brand and agencies objectives. Performance marketing, more numbers and short term sales driven and brand building, a more long-term exercise that is targeted towards a more holistic market share capture.

The same school of thought…

I came across the above illustration by Gapingvoid a while ago. The more I think of it the more I’m able to relate it with some of the ways brands and agencies are going wrong with collecting and using data sets.

Data is usually piled up on DMPs without having a defined set of tactics on why it is being collected in the first place.

Below is my take at trying to visualize the Gapingvoid model step by step with a typical problem a brand selling both online and offline would…

image credit: yahoo finance

Bringing the new consumers in the brand eco-system

With the lockdowns getting a bit more relaxed we are now entering a phase where the initial boom of online shopping is seeing a steady slowdown.

Brands globally especially in CPG, Electronics, Home & Garden saw a lot of new consumer acquisitions in the last few months. …

picture credit:

Shine on.

Some people are like bright stars in the night sky. They come into your lives without you asking for it and they just sparkle the brightest light they can and they go away after sometime, but they come back again.

They do this every-night, every time when it gets dark…

Defining a more strategic approach for those seeking to sell martech solutions into brands.

Martech/ Adtech solutions often fall into a very operational realm within a brand’s overall marketing strategy. This in return leads to these solutions being rather treated in a very mechanical like way internally within brands and agencies.

The above challenge is typically faced by B2C solutions. Having a more strategic…

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