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AI of small things.

Aditya Labhe
3 min readJun 19, 2023

Who would have thought that the martech worlds would be as divided as they are now on a topic? People who hail AI as their holy moly next thing almighty, and people who think it’s a big load of nonsense garbage that’s just another fad.

Well, this article is not going to be about taking sides but rather trying to portray some realistic applications of AI solutions and tools which will I feel would enable successful eCommerce and digital marketing practices.

Content and Creatives

I recently came across Amazon pushing AI to reviews, and this is a great feature, to sum up rather disoriented reviews on Amazon, it would be great to have a solution which helps brand and eCommerce managers create A+ content on the go.

With Adobe, Canva and other solutions taking it to the next step with creatives, it will be handy for eCommerce managers, agency creatives and brand teams alike to have a solution which helps them create pack-shots, A+ imagery, shop headers, image sizes dimensions for respective platforms and more.


I’m not a big fan of using AI solutions for content creation such as blogs, product descriptions and copy as I’m not sure of the impact and platform penalties, but I do believe SEO optimisation and keyword research are a bit broken.

It’s kind of a maze for folks who don’t understand SEO, especially back-end SEO (Meta Tags, script overloads and speed time), H1 and so on.

So having one plug-in which does these 2 for both DTC websites and retail storefronts would be impactful!

Having one single tool which not only does keyword research across channels such as Google, Bing, Amazon, and Walmart but also plugs the relevant keywords in where necessary in the prod. description, headlines, product feature bullets and more.

Also, a channel-agnostic tool which does digital shelf across retailers and also Google SEO alike, within one platform.

Also, a tool/plugin for a website which fixes common backend SEO functions like reducing image size, script loads, and Meta descriptions is identified and also implemented by integrating within a website’s CMS system.

CRM and Workflows

How much time have you spent creating your last sales, marketing or your webshop email outbound campaigns? Creating workflows, making custom scripts for changing deals statuses and so on.

I understand CRM tools today provide templates for both B2C and B2B use cases, but what operations truly want is a workflow or a sequence which can be trigged and simply created by a query like “Built a workflow for thank you emails post demo” or “send this email after 5 mins post publish at 10 am morning depending on the local time of the email receiver”

Lastly, reports

I hate Excel formulas. There I said it. One tool to simply pull in results based on what you are looking for across datasets. I know Google Analytics has launched something along the lines of recently, but it would be cool if more data solutions, both big and small can start offering this view, “what was the churn rate last month”, and “Has the ASP gone up or down”.

Here are some of the many applications I think of, maybe there are some more, feel free to comment with your thoughts!

Also, there already might be awesome AI tools out there which are making lives easier for marketing, eCommerce, and brand folks, do mention them in the comments!



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