How I scored the Job that didn’t exist without applying or having a CV .

Aditya Labhe
3 min readFeb 20, 2017

Networking, Hustling and Putting my views across.

I’m joining ChannelSight today as a Digital Marketing Specialist, and I can’t be more excited. It’s a great role in a company which is growing and revolutionizing e-commerce for brands. But there is a nice story behind how I landed the job, taking into consideration the fact that I didn’t have to share my CV, neither was the job advertised, because it didn’t exist.

I have always loved connecting with those who have a view of their own on LinkedIn. People who have a lot to share in terms of their stories, in terms of how their minds work and what they find interesting. A simple rule that I follow is: that you need to know the success stories of others, what they went through, and how they achieved what they have in order to find inspirations and to mold a success story of your own one day.

On the other hand, I have never shied away from expressing my views on LinkedIn either. I always try to put my leanings across in the form of articles, posts. The whole idea is to get a feedback on whether I’m on right track, if not, learn from the feedback I receive on my views and include that in my work. During the adventures of my job hunt, the one thing that I have learnt is that, you need to do your best in terms of efforts you put in, and most importantly always strive to put your message across. It’s the only way for people to recognize what you can bring to table and find a match.

And that’s how I connected with Niall. I first followed him on Twitter, and then on LinkedIn. Being a leader in brand solutions, strategy and e-commerce, he always has a unique way of putting the message across. He brings an extensive amount of experience in building brands on digital, and with ChannelSight, how a brand can find success in the world of e-commerce. He also had a lot of feedback to offer on all my posts, which for me was a win situation, taking into consideration the fact that it was coming from someone who has been there done that.

From the get go, I understood that there is something great going on at ChannelSight and it’s the place I see myself working in.

It was then during January this year, that things fell into place. After a few very detailed and intensive chats on LinkedIn, I finally had a Skype chat with Niall on the possibility of me coming on board. The next day I was the ChannelSight HQ (which by the way has a great view overlooking Liffey River), meeting the team. And voila, finally all the hustling had paid off.

I can’t wait to start my journey, I have a great feeling about the role and most importantly I’m 100% sure that the opportunities to learn and implement what I have learnt in the past are going to be endless.

Some bit of advice, that I would definitely like to give if you are job seeker:

  1. Never shy away from putting your views across, accept feedback/criticism and work on it.
  2. Keep Hustling, till you get what you are seeking.

Here’s to Niall and ChannelSight team, for showing trust in me. Let’s get this started!



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