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Like a star in the night sky.

Shine on.

Some people are like bright stars in the night sky. They come into your lives without you asking for it and they just sparkle the brightest light they can and they go away after sometime, but they come back again.

They do this every-night, every time when it gets dark. They might not know that you are looking at their light, their sparkle, they are just there, because they have always been there. They have accumulated that light over the years and just they shine that light when the time gets dark.

They might not come out at times for a few hours because the sky seems especially cluttered with thick dark clouds, but that doesn’t mean they are not out there shining. But eventually when the star’s close friend wind passes the thick blanket of cloud away, they are back shining that gleam for you(Thanks, wind. Even the brightest stars need a bit of wind of times).

These people who like stars are worth looking at and finding in a night sky. These people who are like stars are astounding, not because they do what they do and come into your lives without you asking for them, but also because they grant you a wish when they fall.

Look for these people, who are like stars, grasp in their light as much as you can, and once you have enough light within yourself, be a star for someone else in their night sky.



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Aditya Labhe

Aditya Labhe


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