One year, One big step.

This day last year was my first day in Dublin, today I have lived 365 days of Dublin. And this whole year has definitely been an experience and a learning.

Having worked for over 3 years back in Mumbai, India I felt that it was a right time for me to seek a change. I got an offer from UCD Michael Smurfit School for a digital marketing masters and here I was.

You need to go to new places, to meet new people

This was one of the main reasons that brought me here. I’ve met so many amazing people. Made so many new friends from across the globe, learnt so much personally and professionally. New cultures, new trends, new people.

Leaving the comfort of the comfort zone

We are all seeking comfort at the end of day. And that’s what life is all about at the end of day, finding that comfort zone, that happy spot. But too comfortable too soon? I think this was the second reason that brought me here and made me accept that offer.

Back to School

The idea of going back to school was kind of making me nervous earlier on. After having a job for a while you tend to give importance to practical on the job learning than academic.

But it was fun working on assignments rather than pitches for a while. I also got to learn a lot about the new market that I’m in. Got a few As, a few Bs. Was in the top 2 teams for one of modules. Made some great connections.

Next Challenge

This last year was full of new challenges and new learning. Some surpassed, some yet to. Job hunt is on full swing, I’m sure I’ll find something pretty soon.

But I’m glad that I took this decision and got to experience this wonderful country and so many new people.




Thinker | Writer | Photographer | Learner | Adboy | Idea builder | Design enthusiast

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Aditya Labhe

Aditya Labhe

Thinker | Writer | Photographer | Learner | Adboy | Idea builder | Design enthusiast

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