Snapchat vs Insta stories? Who’s winning

There has been a lot of talks recently after Instagram decided to launch its newest feature Instagram Stories. The similarities between both the platforms are uncanny. But is Instagram stories going to dig into Snapchat’s user base? Or both of them are going to enjoy their own space? Here are my thoughts:


Snapchat: Roughly around 100 Million daily active users. Instagram: Roughly around 500 million

Instagram definitely enjoys more numbers. But can demographics be the game changer? Snapchat reaches out to a much younger user base, but same is the case with Instagram, 32% of US teens list Instagram as their most important social network, more than any other social network.

The Big Daddy:

These numbers are enough to prove how big of a mammoth Facebook is growing out to be. With all the possibilities of cross media integrations at its disposal, Instagram again has an upper hand. But will this be a David vs Goliath kind of battle? Only time will tell.

Big Brands and Celebs:

Again on this front Instagram has an upper hand. The celeb power is strong on Instagram.

User experience/ look and feel

I have been using Instagram stories and surprisingly found it pretty seamless. Easy to use less, clutter and definitely something which can give Snapchat a run for its money in terms of interface.

Taking all these factors into consideration, it seems like Instagram has all the possible ways it can make Snapchat a thing of the history.

But hold on, there is a twist.

And this one feature is something which gives Snapchat a ray of hope.

It’s Private: Unlike Instagram, Snaps can be made private. Snapchat is a still very much a personal — social platform, unlike Instagram stories which are more public in nature. And this personal space is the reason I feel it enjoys most its fandom.

An Instagram story, unlike a Snap, can be seen by your Mum.

But with the private messaging feature already in place,it’s seem likely that Instagram will soon introduce private mode for Instagram stories.

Will Instagram kill Snapchat? It seems very unlikely. But does Snapchat need to pull up their socks? Definitely yes.


Twitter joining the wagon with stickers.

Twitter in July launched a snapchat like feature called Twitter Stickers. And today it introduced Promoted Stickers.

Definitely not a biggest of competitors for Snapchat. But as more and more players start getting into the ‘snap like’ game, there can be tough times ahead for Snapchat, unless it comes back hard with ‘something’.




Thinker | Writer | Photographer | Learner | Adboy | Idea builder | Design enthusiast

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Aditya Labhe

Aditya Labhe

Thinker | Writer | Photographer | Learner | Adboy | Idea builder | Design enthusiast

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