Start Doing things again.

Aditya Labhe
3 min readFeb 5, 2024


It has been a while since I wrote something. Like I have been writing in a professional capacity, but I have not written anything in a personal capacity in a while. When I say, while, I mean a WHILE…

It’s been a busy few years, umm, working and getting myself, you know in the rhythm of life, you know achievements and goals and all of that.

It’s weird how a few years can feel like a month, a few months can feel like a few weeks, a few weeks can seem like a few days, and some of the things that you truly enjoyed doing in the past, you just tend to put a pause on them for whatever reasons.

For me, it was doing a bit of personal writing or thought scribbles, if you can call them that, now and again about how things were going, how my day was, how my week went, my thought process at that given point in time and so on.

I thought I would write about philosophy but then I thought to myself, why would anyone read? I’m not a philosopher. I thought I’d write about mental peace but then I thought that I wasn’t a therapist. I thought I’d write about art but I wasn’t an artist.

I thought I’d write about nature, but I wasn’t an environmentalist, and so on right?

Thoughts like these do seem to bother you now and again and if you are facing a mental block as I did, I think the only way to power yourself through it is to just write, you know, or paint or whatever is it that you are feeling demotivated doing.

It doesn’t matter what the topic or mood is at the time, or what time, what day, or what year it is, just go with it and start doing things again.

I think that goes for a lot of old habits in general. Just start. Yes, please do.

Now how do I put it simply, it’s really in our minds, as we mature as we age, we self-doubt our capacities, we get judgmental of ourselves, and entire judgment keeps you away from really being quite open, with how your thoughts were when you were probably a few years younger when you had some bit of less thoughts of self-prejudice, self-judgment, bit of less awareness around how people are conceiving you, and your connect with the world and so on.

But if you truly have been an artsy, creative, full-of-life type in the past, probably now is your calling.

This is your sign to start getting back to it, back to whatever gave you that mental comfort.

Getting back to whatever gives you that joy, that free space in your world, and that’s what I’ve been trying to do more recently. It’s all about returning to old habits that gave me joy, getting my old psyche back if I can say that.

Being a bit new, a bit more mature but not letting go of what I truly enjoyed doing a few years ago until I let the rigmarole of various things, started bothering me. Well, that’s the hope which way.

I don’t wish to believe that, things will ever be how they were when you were in your early twenties, but they need to not be so fully different either. New relationships, new jobs, and new life experiences, both good and bad, and sad and happy, will continue to affect you in whatever way they do, or they can, but…start doing things again.




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