Such Diverse, Much Wow — The Pepsi Commercial Fail

Amid all the backlash and mockery, Pepsi finally decided to pull back the Kendall Jenner starring pseudo movement/ uprising spot.

Well, what went wrong?

A severe lack of what’s going in the lives/minds of the young? A lack of diversity in the team who conceptualised the commercial? Or just the thought that the millennials can easily relate to cliches.

Oh yes, a diverse crowd.

Only 9 seconds into the ad, we get to see that how hard they are trying. Everyone is happy, they are having fun. Fun diverse crowd- Checked

Oh yes, more diversity and a reminder that this a Pepsi commercial.

Kendall Jenner ,the leader a protest needs? — Oh yes, she definitely understands and relates to what a typical youngster who is pissed on some of the government policies, some of the insensitivity in the world and is out to protest because of all the frustrations that has built over the years in a hope for a change is going through. Oh yes, Kendall totally gets that.

More Cliche….

So much diversity…time to pander and reach out to every single one of them with this one spot. Because yes, all the millennials the millions and billions of them are all the same. Snapping, hashtaging, buzzfeeding, protest pepsi stocking…let’s create a spot which reaches out to all of them, the word individuality was banned from the brainstorming sessions.

Oh yes, cause Millennials like to stock their protests with Pepsi.

An attempt to subtly ask the policemen to “Chill Bruv!”?

There are so many things that are wrong with this commercial.

“Well then, if you make it all serious about a real protest, people getting roughed up by cops, politicians using propaganda and people losing their lives, it won’t be fun. That’s not our brand.”

We totally get that Pepsi, but you lost the plot with cliches, trying real hard, and re-iterating the marketing cliche that you need a celeb to sell your product (in this case leading a protest to win over a wicked administration by distributing cola to cops)

We appreciate the fact that how you have tried to bestow some positivity in the world by showing the fact how sane the future generation is, how united, aware and diverse they are. How they understand their peers from different communities, backgrounds and cultures, and are happy to adapt, accept and empathize. And yes, this all so true. And you got all of that right.

What you got wrong was the fact that you trying to tell them that you know and you “get it”, which you clearly don’t. It’s is like an uncle trying to act all cool. It’s not.

This generation can detect B.S, and B.S Meter app showed a full of B.S level when you uploaded this on YouTube.

So what can you do so that you don’t get it wrong the next time?

And listen to what they are saying. Like seriously listen to them, and #jointhecoversation as you mentioned in the first 9 seconds of your ad.

2. Do some rigorous screening of the ads to understand the sentiments, especially if you are trying to reach to such a vocal TG who doesn’t mind calling bluff when they see it.

3. Stop the cliches




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