The joy of losing

Aditya Labhe
2 min readJun 21, 2016


Losing is a strong word. People take it to their heart. No one likes losing in general. Losing a pitch, losing the targets, losing an opportunity.

But losing has a positive side to it. It makes you realise where you went wrong, it makes you realise your mistakes and gives you a chance to rectify them.

I have always seen people struggling when they don’t get want they had aimed for. But what’s the point if you get everything you wanted and everything goes as per the plan?

You need some time to learn from the mistakes, learn from your mistakes and learn from other’s mistakes. Cause when you do that, you grow, you grow as a person and grow as a professional. You understand yourself better and you understand what you work for in a better sense.

After spending around 3 years in advertising I have realised that not every campaign work, some bring you success, even awards and accolades and some are better not remembered cause they performed like shit. It was a Cannes winning in your mind, but when it actually came down to execution, it struggled. I guess that’s how most of the things in life work like.

You have it all planned in your head, but when it comes to executing, you tremble and the results are not what you hope they would be.

But what do you when it trembles and you lose it?

The best way to deal with it is to:

Try figure out where you went wrong-> See for similar cases-> get your facts together -> then go at it again.

Still didn’t get the desired results? Follow the process again?

The way I look at it, losing is not about giving up on something. It’s more like a hurdle that you need to cross.

Victory isn’t easy, and what fun if it is? So keep losing, lose hard and win harder.

And once you win it, after losing X amount of times, that pint would taste more accomplishing.



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