The Rise of Live Stream

30th of September, 1929 — BBC makes the world’s first live telecast. 87 years later, live streaming is going main stream. We are watching people trying to cross puddles, the ice cream melting race, coups and our favourite sports and events real time through live streaming.

The most recent being when the first 2016 presidential debate was live streamed on twitter.

With live streaming becoming accessible, there is going to be a definite surge in real time content and hence a chance for brands to be more creative with the way they interact with their fans on social.

The Live Streaming Eco-System

Facebook betting big time on Facebook Live:

  • People spend three times longer watching live video compared to video that’s not live.
  • The number of videos posted per person increased by 75 percent in 2015.
  • Video posts have 135 percent greater organic reach than photo posts.

How are some of the ways your brand can live stream some great content and engage your fans? I have tried to come with some fun, easy to execute ideas, which may give your brand a much needed edge.

  1. Video Q&A’s, How TOs.

We have always seen brands engaging with their fans through TweetChats and Q&As. With live streaming, these chats can be made more fun and personal. Asking your brand ambassadors, guests, experts to come in and have a chat, answers questions, demonstrate How TOs.

Ex: Ikea actually creates a bedroom with all it’s products and this is all live streamed. Takes the whole message of build your own furniture to a different level, this is demonstrated by real consumers right in front of you.

2. Live Streaming the Product Journey

Let’s say Dominoes or Justeat, actually live stream the process of a customer’s ordered food being prepared, packed and delivered. In the mean time, the chef/cook is also having a chat with the customer, giving tips on seasoning, side dishes and other things.

This makes the wait for delivery more fun and creates some great content.

4. Automobile Brands

Live streaming the first test drive of a new car or even a making web-series on a group of friends taking a road trip.

5. Incorporating Live Stream in Customer Support

Most of the times if it’s a minor issue in the product, let’s say a laptop or a mobile phone or your vacuum cleaner, a customer can be given an option of DIY, saving company the cost, and consumer the wait time. An expert can actually guide the consumer through the process through a live streamed chat, also access the situation and decide if a physical visit is needed.

The Future:

With VR gaining popularity and acceptance everyday I feel this would be a very interesting and disruptive combination.

There are some companies likenextvr, which are already on it.

I feel a brand, especially sports telecaster, concert companies, festival or cultural events can give this a shot. The costs would probably on a higher side if a brand decides to go for something for this sort, but they would be justifiable if some solid interest in seen among the fans.

With that being said, with live streaming becoming possible with just a tap of a button on your mobile screen, there are a lot of creative ways a brand can incorporate it in it’s digital strategy. The idea is to be fun, easy and engaging.

Do share your thoughts on some of the best practices when it comes to live streaming in the comments.

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Thinker | Writer | Photographer | Learner | Adboy | Idea builder | Design enthusiast

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Aditya Labhe

Aditya Labhe

Thinker | Writer | Photographer | Learner | Adboy | Idea builder | Design enthusiast