The Small Joy Factor

Aditya Labhe
2 min readMar 26, 2019


Little joys for bigger happiness.

I have been trying to practice the idea of small joys for sometime now. The way I like to define small joys is exactly how it sounds:

Things that make you feel happy whilst putting in the least amount of efforts.

Grabbing a chilled beer after a busy day. Finishing a nice book that made you think. Listening to the song that reminds you of your college days. Cooking some nice dinner. Laughing at a stupid meme. Putting across a new idea at work. It can be anything.

I mean, who doesn’t appreciate a nice meme?

Small joys according to me follow the same principle of little drops of water make the mighty ocean.

A compilation of multiple small joys = a bigger joy.

For example: If you start celebrating small joys throughout your day, the bigger joy would be the satisfaction/positiveness you feel at the end of the day. It also helps tackle the wishful joyousness. Most of the things that we think will give us joys are at times unrealistic or long term in nature. These eventually end up making us more frustrated as we work towards achieving them.

Buying a new car. Going on holiday. Learning a new language. Moving abroad. But if you try to balance these out by trying to realise what your small joys are, probably you will have a more satisfying journey towards these bigger joys.

The idea with small joys is not to go-away or not think of the bigger joys in life, but find day-to-day things that you tend to provide instant happiness and make your day less frustrating as you work towards the bigger picture.

I have seen that reminding myself of these little joys tends to help me out, especially on bad days.

What are some of your small joys?



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